Mitch Rapp day and anticipation.

Nothing sweeter than waking up to a notification that a much anticipated book is ready to be listened to! Total Power has been released into the wild. Mitch Rapp is out of the cage once again.

I haven’t looked into the plot much, but bringing the versatile and deadly hero into the modern day is going to be a real treat. On Audible it’s going to be read by my favorite reader George Guidall. He brings a little extra grit to the story with that grainy voice. My wife heard a little excerpt this morning while I was making her coffee and she knew exactly what it was. Is that the spy book you’ve been talking about? Yes, yes it is.

Something about the anticipation of waiting months for this book to be released has me a little giddy. It seems like time is moving extra fast during this pandemic, we have the power to slow that down by enjoying every moment we can. I think the anticipation is extremely important. We need to have something to look forward to, multiple things to look forward to, whether that’s short term or long term. Short term to help us enjoy life, long term to encourage us to make decisions today that will better our tomorrow’s.

‘May the best of your today’s be the worst of your tomorrows‘

Jay Z – Forever Young