I’m seeking a better life for myself and hope that I can help others out as well. There is a lot of noise to sift through that we can find on this topic. I’m going to be sharing what I’ve found to be the most important concepts, the biggest ideas that I have found, and how they relate to a my life. I’m trying to set myself up for future success, get away from short term thinking and incentives, and build a meaningful life by improving every aspect of my life. Follow along to see where this goes and I’m always open to suggestions and new ways of thinking about different concepts.

“Just be better.”

-My loving wife.

So this is me trying to be better over here. I’ll be sharing ideas and I’m always open for discussion on systems, routines, life, limitations, recipes, way of life, best tasting coffee, great wine, great food, and I hope many more. I’m going to put this down as an experiment and give myself 6 months to evaluate what it’s like to blog. I’m probably not going to stick to a daily post , but will shoot for multiple blogs a week. I’m also just looking to share thoughts and I’m not going to freak out about spelling, grammar, or structure. I’m just looking to have a fun outlet and see where it goes.