Crossfit – Hero Workouts

One reason why I wanted to get this category rolled out today is because there are Hero Workouts that celebrate modern day heroes. This happens on holidays and connects us to the reason why some of these days are holidays and gives us a story of someone who went above and beyond and deserves our recognition.

Today is 9/11. I did a hero workout today. It was hard, I sweat a lot, and it was just about 50 minutes of straight work. We honored the firefighters and those who lost their lives in the World Trade Center and not only do I feel more connected to the day, I feel great from the workout.

The workout:

Row 2001 meters

then 4 rounds of:

9 Rope Climbs

11 Bear Complexes

2977 Meter row finisher.

2001 meters for the year. 9 rope climbs for September, 11 bear complexes for the day, 2977 for those who lost their lives. No rope climbs so we have more distance, we did bent rows with a barbell.

Bear Complex: Here’s a video because that’s not a very easy thing to explain.

We as a society need to be better about acknowledging that there are people worth looking up to, there are modern day heroes. I love this tradition and think we need to integrate this into our lives more. It’s so freaking easy to watch the news and your Twitter feed and feel like this world is being run by moron’s and we are doomed. But we aren’t, get out of that 24 hour news cycle or 15 second scroll cycle we now live in. Let’s celebrate the fact that we are here today, and those that made it possible to live the lives we get to live. Not everyone that lived before did their best, but they laid the groundwork for us to be better. We now need to take that torch and pass it on to the next generation. My mind gets so jumbled sometimes, but if we can focus on bigger goals and ignore the noise, that’s how we move this ball forward. That’s how we get ahead during a global pandemic and come out the other side better because of it.

Let’s move forward people!