Book review #1 – Executive Power – Vince Flynn Mitch Rapp #6

Today I listened to this beauty of a book and couldn’t stop. Had two hours of driving and it kept me more than occupied.

Quick backstory for why I’m reading this: new Mitch Rapp book drops next week and I wanted to get back in the zone before the new author Kyle Mills drops another installment. I’ve already read through the whole series and to be honest, can’t get enough of it. I just don’t know what else I could ask for in a series, the perfect hero for the story overcoming every possible obstacle. Reading these make me want to just be a little bit harder to kill, gives me the motivation to push a little harder at the gym.

I’m not going to go through the previous five books and I’m just going to try to give a brief summary and try not to spoil the whole book.

Mitch is now a married man and is facing a dilemma where a lot of the plot has to deal with his purpose in life trying to be changed. His boss is now the head of the CIA, Irene Kennedy, and she is thrown into the middle of his struggle. Duty vs marital life. Mitch lives his life as the tip of the spear of the American government’s counter terrorism team and is now going to attempt to stand back and be more behind the action. He was legitimized from his previous life and given the head of the counter terrorism department. He still goes in knowing that he’s the best one for the job and that’s a large theme throughout the book. An American family gets kidnapped in the Philippines and he is supposed to run the retrieval op from a boat, but ends up front and center leading the raid to save the family. Ultimately he gets shot in the ass and has to sit out for a while, explain to both his wife and boss why he broke his word to both.

Next the main plot comes to head when a Saudi prince is trying to pit Israel vs Palestine and force the United States to change their side on the issue. Mitch gets to the bottom of it and uncovers the real perpetrator and sinister motives. Something about the cool demeanor and decisiveness of the character seems to have a big effect on my mindset and is really comforting. Weird thing to say, but I think I get a lot out of listening to books with head strong and decisive characters because I can struggle in both areas. There’s a simplicity in his tough decisions I like.

I got a little distracted in the last hour setting up this blog while listening so I probably could use a re listen of some of the ending.

Maybe too brief, but one of those books I just couldn’t press stop on.

Here’s a link to the Audible site if you’re interested

Here’s the link to the book

Anyways, hope we can all be a little better and maybe read a little more.