Monday Morning Podcast Pump Up

If I had a good weekend, I’m waking up tired on Monday mornings. I’m not hiding from it, I love my Sunday’s and I’m known to have a bottle of wine at brunch and few drinks after. I still get after it every Monday morning and attack the day. I get up, get my tea made, and I’ll find some positivity and energy through podcasting while getting my caffeine fix.

I’ll usually start with The Drive by Peter Attia, because it’s probably my favorite podcast, and a new episode is available every Monday. He’s a doctor that’s focused on health and longevity, has the perfect radio host voice, and is at the cutting edge of his field. He brings on other doctors and guests that are also at the top of their field, and the value of these is insane. I pay $10/ month to get the subscribers feed, additional AMA episodes, exclusive discounts, and generally just to support his model. The value and insights I get out of this podcast is worth so much more than the monthly payment.

I don’t hear much from doctors, I’ll do a yearly checkup that lasts around 30 minutes a year, in and out. Here we get long form discussions on topics I’m interested in, how to approach different aspects of health in our lives, and even what we should be asking our doctors. Information that historically would be impossible for someone like me to access. This is the best example of valuable information being democratized that I can think of.

Peter is incredibly neurotic about his own tests on himself, but is brutally honest about how he did and how he felt. He reinforces the idea of leveraging nutrition and exercise to benefit ourselves, not just to satisfy cravings or to get full. He looks at longevity as not just living a long time, but living a fulfilled life for as long as we can. There is also a general distrust of any new diet or fad, that I think we all need, and we need a better way to analyze it. He’s a master at interpreting new studies, poking holes in them, and explaining complicated ideas in a very easy way to understand. So you can not only hear the latest studies, you can get an easy to understand explanation, from an expert, who’s passionate about the content.
This is the type of media we want to be influenced by. We benefit from expert sources that are now able to get their ideas out and have them widely distributed. It’s up to us to curate the best sources, and I strongly support everything they are doing on The Drive. This is a podcast worth supporting and gets my week started off the right way, and I hope you find some value to this as well.

Podcast link on Apple: The Drive with Peter Attia

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