Recapturing Your Flow

I find myself getting into too much of a routine and mailing in my days. I want to get something down to remind myself of the amazing feeling of getting out of that routine and finding what it takes to get out of my comfort zone and attack the day.

It’s not like I was in a depression or down period, but I’ve been in a bit of a funk. Pandemic’s got me down, work is boring and annoying, my shoulder has been bugging me a bit so it’s affecting my performance at the gym and on the golf course, my schedule has been too busy to get away, I’ve been trying not to drink during the week, and overall not fired up.

So what do we do?

I have a hard time making big decisions or giving myself advice, so I looked at my life from an outside perspective. I got back in on my meditation in the morning game and took a look at my life as if it wasn’t my life. What I realized is everything that’s weighing me down can be addressed one by one. Start small, get the ball in motion, watch it snowball.

The short of it is I need to look at the title of this blog and Just Be Better. We all have things in the way of greatness, it’s up to us to get passed them and address them head on like the obstacles they are. Take emotion out of what’s in the way and dive in.

At work we are releasing a new product that doesn’t make sense, our software is already extremely difficult to use. Maybe it’s time to shop the market and see what else is out there. Don’t be afraid of change, embrace it. Be proactive, recognize your self worth. Recognize where the doubt is coming from. Maybe this is looming on my mind more because there’s more to it. It’s not my life’s goal, I’m not making life changing money, and on top of that it’s not that enjoyable at the moment. Guess what? The job market is wide open and there are no shackles.

Shoulder hurts? Stretch every morning, focus on longer warm ups and cool downs. Results: back to crushing the gym, hopefully the golf course soon. Huge boost in energy, determination, and satisfaction.

Schedule overbooked? Plan better. Trim the fat, see what meetings should really be an email, plan breaks and free time. Be proactive rather than reactive.

Find the mental boundaries that are holding you back and see if they truly are boundaries. See if they are needed, and if they are, then figure out what inside those boundaries can still allow you to thrive.

Have the extra cup of coffee, put on a Mitch Rapp audiobook and fuck up your day. Earn yourself a beer and maybe even a glass of wine on top of that.

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