Put the Best Ideas Into Action

We’ve all had this experience at least once where we read the best idea and you get that feeling of inspiration, of a potential you being better off, the life changing concept that ensures a happy life. This is just a day dream if there’s no follow through. No better off than where we started. The key is to put the best ideas into action and follow through. With only ideas and talk, I can’t go on without this quote;

“You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk.”

The truth is very few of us walk the walk. Very few of us are living the lives of our dreams. Very few of us are living the ideal lives that we imagined. But that doesn’t mean we can’t start. It starts with putting ideas into action. It ends with a high level of personal accountability that no one knows about but you. If you want to stop letting the world run your life and flip the narrative, it starts with you. We can run the world and design our lives to stay on top.

We don’t need to look anywhere else

In order to do this we have to start small and look inward. We have to understand ourselves as BEST as we can in order to realize our place in the world, to realize how we interact with the world around us, and to realize how small a lot of our thinking truly is. The advantage of knowing our own identity will unlock a new outlook on life, we can wake up from being drones or as machine like as possible, we just need to analyze our lives and recognize what’s actually going on. Once we understand that, we can design our lives for constant improvement and watch the snowball effect work to our advantage.

One thing a day!

One thing a day is all you need to change your life. Start now. What one thing can you do today to better your tomorrow? Better yet, what is the biggest thing that you can do to help out your life? What’s the biggest thought that you had during your day? This is where our mental and physical energy should be focused. That one thing you did today will begin compounding towards the best version of yourself. It’s so small. It’s one thing. How can you not find one thing to do to help yourself wake up with a smile tomorrow?

We owe this to ourselves. When that one thing a day turns into a week, you have 7 tangible examples of creating a better you. Once this becomes a habit and you’re retraining your brain to think this way, there is no stopping you.

Life is hard, we make hundreds of decisions a day, make one of those decisions for yourself.

Better Yourself in Order to Help Others

This might sound selfish or even indulgent to some, but when we are at our best, we make everything around us better. Become a better husband, better father, better employee, better boss. It starts with you, and radiates out to those around you. People will want to be around you more, and it will become easier to connect with other people who are also on the same journey as you.

This gives us all the power that we need. Recognize that what you do is who you are, so if you know who you are, you better know what to do and what to not do. Saying no to hanging out with the couple that is always fighting and thinks the world is constantly on the verge of imploding becomes an easy choice. Even IF if the world was imploding, I’d rather spend that last night doing something I love with people I love.

To wrap this up, we need to seek out inspiration, and find a way to follow through on incorporating the best ideas into our lives. It’s a daily practice, and it’s not just listening to an inspirational podcast, it’s the full understanding and processing of the ideas after the fact that will help push us upward. 

This was from my morning journal and after a quick edit and re read, I have to admit that I had that Tony Robbins energy this morning and thought I’d share it.

If that wasn’t enough inspiration, allow me to link to the Tony Robbins Podcast.

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